Get Involved

We adhere to an important belief that guides the Centre and that is to ensure our services are beneficial and valuable to older adults and their caregivers in need. There are many ways and opportunities to get involved and support those going through various life transitions.  After all, it’s part of our future too, so why not embark on this visionary and exciting journey.

We’re here to help along the way by ensuring older adults and their caregivers have access to support and resources during various life transitions on topics such as:

  • Financial security
  • Active participation in the community
  • Affordable housing
  • Food security
  • Transportation
  • Aging in place
  • Elder abuse
  • New and other current initiatives
  • Other issues

We can match you to the kind of experience you want that will be mutually rewarding for you and valuable to us! Our request will always work around the other things you do.


Supporting a centre such as this one is not only a great way to make a difference for the people in your community; it can also bring lasting benefits to you, your family or any organization. One of the greatest challenges is maintaining our diversified communication tools to accommodate individuals with diminished sight, hearing and mobility to ensure it minimizes the risk of increased isolation. We could use help with maintaining up to date information, the cost of printed material, translation and sign language for our videos.

How can you help?

The following positions are available for volunteering. Some may require training.

As a community member:

  • Researcher: if you like finding exciting activities in your community or gathering data that helps our older adults and caregivers sector – this is a position for you. 
  • Social Media: if you like dabbling in social media we can definitely use your expertise.
  • Interested in writing for our Primetime magazine? Have a flare for writing or wondered what it would be like to write for a magazine? Let us know your topic and interest. You could be a feature writer in some of our issues.
  • Interested in answering our phones? We have older adults call us looking for information and appreciate speaking to a peer.
  • Translation: oral or written
  • Help with our event calendar: is a unique website that offers something for all ages. It has one of the most comprehensive lists of events and activities in our region. It requires about 1-2 hours a week and can be done at home on your own computer. Not only is it a great contribution to our community but you get to stay in the know about your favorite interests.
  • Join one of our committees: Help with our videos, marketing or fundraising.. Yes, you read that last one right. Take the ‘d’ out and it just puts a lot of fun in the raising event.

As a corporate organization:

When it comes to getting your company involved with our Centre (SIC), the imagination is unlimited. It can be inspiring for your staff, reinforcing team building, elevating morale or demonstrating your organization’s commitment to your community by helping make a difference in an older person’s life or that of caregivers … all in the course of having fun too.


Corporate Office:

  • Marketing
  • Sharing expertise in the areas of technology or public relations promotions


As an employee or department team:

Share your expertise in some areas of interest such as:

  • Video production or editing
  • Help organize a concert or fundraising event. Check our donate page for more ideas.
  • Join one of our committees
  • Assist in translation or sign language
  • Editing or proofreading documents
  • Volunteer at a fundraising event

Your contributions will always be appreciated and acknowledged. For those who get involved or help with fundraising and don’t mind having their picture taken, we’ll snapshot you and your group for our Primetime magazine and Facebook page. Yes, just like rock stars because in our eyes, you are!

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