My Community Calendar

Since February 2014, has been a project by the Seniors Information Centre volunteers and staff and is made possible by the enthusiastic co-operation of many community partners for their event and activity listings as you can view in the partner area below. A listing in our calendar for an event or a recurring activity is FREE.

Our event and activity calendar service for southeastern NB communities has a loyal following of over 20,000 visitors a month looking for things to do and they view over 34,000 times our event listings. That’s a lot of new potential participants to your event or activity by having your listing on our site. Our volunteers list over 1200 local events and activities  in our communities each month. Our non profit, the Seniors Information Centre, does this for you and others at no charge to simply help our community be more active, interesting and inclusive.

We are like no other calendar. A visitor to our calendar can filter our event listings by category type, community and even by age group. is very intuitive, easy to use and of great value for those trying to find specific events and activities of interest; a parent/visitor looking for activities to involve their children, a senior looking for health and wellness activities, a tourist looking for nightly entertainment, those looking for festivals, and so many others with specific interests that can select even more interest categories on our site before deciding on what to attend.  Event and activity organizers simply use our “Post Your Event“ form found in the GREEN box on the homepage of our community calendar site.  You then can fill out the form and post that event, after we approve it, directly to your Facebook page for even more marketing of your event. Please pass this information on to your friends and any others you feel it could also help with their event or activity in Greater Moncton and surrounding communities.

In addition to promoting your events and activities, we can also help by highlighting your event or your company in a display ad to every viewer of our site.  Even though this is a purchase at a great value, it’s good to know that 100% of all proceeds go to the Seniors Information Centre to help maintain the site and raise funds for our charity!

Link to our rate card here: Advertising Rate Card.  All event and activity suppliers in southeastern have one thing in common – they all share the same customer. provides a better chance of reaching that customer by having all the events and activities listed in one place.

Should you have any questions or would like to become involved to help us with our calendar, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 506-855-1121. We thank you in advance for your help to make our communities a much more enjoyable and active place to live and visit.

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